So if you have seen the recent A Current Affair segment on UV lights being used in manicures causing cancer I wouldn’t blame you for being worried.

Nothing puts a bee in my bonnet more than false advertising, as spoken about in my SNS article, and false reporting is just as bad! The amount of my clients that have been in a panic after the A Current Affair segment aired has been understandable but alarming as it is the result of false information.

Now a lot of up-to-date salons will be using the LED lights and not UV lights in their salons as they are more energy and time efficient.

The UV lights use more energy and have to have their globes changed regularly to maintain proper working order (which not everyone will be doing). The cure time (how long you will have your hand under the light for each layer of gel polish for) is 2 minutes for the UV lights which means you will have your hands in the light for a total of 8 minutes by the end of the service.

LED is a much more efficient light, although more expensive to buy, the globe lasts the lifetime of the light and is low energy usage. The cure time for the LED light is 30 second for each layer which cuts down your total time in the salon compared to that of the UV.

Now back to the link to cancer. The amount of UV that you are exposed to is not at all what the news segments are portraying at all. LED is obviously emitting less UV rays as compared to the UV light and you would have to be under the light for a very long time to even get a slight tan going on.

Now go spread the word and get yourself some beautiful nails!



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