If you ‘google’ nail strengtheners you will find that the articles that support nail strengthener brands will also be sponsored by that very brand of nail strengthener, so can you really trust these articles?

Lets break this down to fully understand how these products would help your nails become more strong.

Your nails are made up of dead keratin cells that make up many layers. Your nails don’t breathe and they cannot absorb any sort of ‘calcium’ or ‘oils’ within the strengtheners. Water molecules are small enough to travel between the keratin cells and make them weaker. This is done by the water molecules that move the natural oil molecules (that sit between the keratin cells) away. So if you have a shower or wash the dishes you will notice that your nails become more flexible and more vulnerable to breaking and peeling. This is why.

Nail strengtheners are simply a coating of clear polish that will give your nail a little bit of protection from your everyday life but no more support than just a clear coat of regular nail polish.

Now how can we actually make our nails stronger and healthier?

The way we can make our nails stronger is by helping them while the cells are still forming. If you take cuticle oil and rub it in-between your first knuckle and your cuticle you will be stimulating blood flow to the ‘nail matrix’ which is where your keratin cells form. By doing this every night you will find that the natural oil molecules in your nails become more rich and your nails become more strong and healthy and less flexible and venerable to peeling. Even if you have nail enhancements such as acrylic or gel you will still benefit from this daily practice. You will find after weeks of performing this routine that your natural nails will be reluctant at peeling away from the acrylic, gel builder or gel polish.

Let the strengthening begin!



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