YES! 100 times Yes! The percentage of nail fungus has risen due to cheap nail bars and treatments that leave you a victim of cross contamination.

So what is nail fungus? Well nail fungus is an infection, that can for a while go undetected as it appears under the nail as clear/whitish at the tip of your nail bed. As time goes by and the infection is left untreated it will grow upwards towards your cuticle; eventually this will lift your nail off of the nail bed and you will LOSE YOUR NAIL!

Fungal infections are highly contagious, and this brings me to my point of why they are becoming more common. You can be exposed to infection by simply visiting your public pool but most commonly it is cheap nail bars that have a fast turnover of clients; these nail bars do not sterilise their equipment properly which results in cross contamination, and one client with fungal means an outbreak of infection. Treatments such as SNS leave clients vulnerable too as clients are literally dipping their nails into powder that everyone else has dipped their nails into!! It’s unsanitary and INSANITY!

So how do we check for nail fungus and treat it? If you see one or multiple of your nailbeds receding on your nails then monitor it. If the nail beds are definitely receding then you can visit your local pharmacy to get a treatment that can be applied under the nail.

How do we avoid the risk of fungal infections? You have the obvious of wearing flip flops in a shared shower but something that you can actively avoid is the cheap nail salons with little to no sterilisation procedure in place.

Now be careful out there kids!



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