No they don’t have to at all!

Like I have said in my previous posts I am a firm believer of a good product not damaging the client but instead it is the technician that damages the client…or in some cases bad clients. As for eyelash extensions let me break it down for you. With a natural looking set (that we specialise in) each natural eyelash of yours will receive its very own extension that is glued to it. Your natural lash has a lifetime of approximately 4 to 6 weeks; at the end of the lash cycle it will fall out and a new one will grow and take its place. When your individual lash falls out it takes the extension with it; this just makes it more noticeable to you that it has fallen out because it is thicker and longer as usually you wouldn’t notice your lashes falling out due to them being thinner and shorter. After the 4 to 6 week period (depending on your own growth) you will go back to your salon for an ‘infill’; this is where that technician will go through your lashes and find the new fresh lashes that have come through and place extensions on them to make your lashes are all even again and you can look like a glam model 24/7!

Now you have probably heard of volume lashes… one thing that I will say is please remember that your lashes are hair, as in one little itty bitty hair! It can take the weight of a single extension but if you go all crazy with the ‘volume’ lashes (3 to 4 extensions glued on to ONE of your lashes) your itty bitty lash can snap under the weight, twist upside down and stab you in the eye!! I do advise that you go for the natural looking lash extension if you’re worried about damaging your natural lashes. There are a few maintenance things that you must write down if you’re want your beautiful bambi lashes to last.

• Do not twist your eyelashes with your fingertips! • Do not pull on your lashes! • Do not use oil based product near your eyes as the oil will break down the glue! • If you want something from someone you must flutter your lashes and they will be under your spell

The thing that I absolutely LOVE about the extensions is that I look glammed up any time of the day; seriously, I wake up in the morning, look in the mirror and look like I’m ready to take on the day! IT’S BRILLIANT!

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