20 minute facial great for a lunch time pick me up! With a double cleanse and vigorous exfoliation feel fresh and ready to go, topped off with a multivitamin moisturiser and tinted SPF to insure a dewy glow. $50


Feeling congested, oily and emotional?! Book in one of our fabulous Teen Facials enjoy a double cleanse and steam to open up your pores and soften up any impurities, followed with a Microdermabrasion for a deep and stimulated exfoliation. Now your skin is ready for business lets remove any of those nasties with some sterile extraction methods, rounding your visit out with our Multi-Vitamin moisturiser and SPF to have you ready to head out and continue with your busy schedule​. $99


Stressed or feeling sleep deprived? Come in to see us and feel born again!! Our deluxe facial includes your choice of either a micro or a hydrodermabrasion for some exfoliation love! And also a high Frequency treatment! What is this you ask? High Frequency treatments help to improve blood circulation to the face, encourage collagen and elastin production eliminate toxins AND improve skin care absorption! All this is followed by a relaxation facial massage to release any remaining tension, and a collagen moisturiser to help continue our hard work after you leave! $130


Dull and down in the dumps? We can help you remove any extra ‘weight’ pulling you down! A microdermabrasion facial will remove any dead and dull skin in a pain free and comfortable way. The added suction method also helps bring all the goodies up to the surface, including any hidden nasties but also collagen and elastin to help plump up some of those fine lines! $90


Dehydrated and in need of some nourishment? A Hydrodermabrsion facial is what you are needing! With the same beautiful effects of a exfoliation and stimulation that a microdermabrasion will give, a Hydrodermabrsion adds a very important ingredient to your skin care…….you guessed it, WATER! Whilst exfoliating the skin a hydro facial pumps a serum filled water at the skin forcing absorption! That crêpe like skin will be a thing of the past with this relaxing treatment under your belt! $95

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