Meet the Team

Meet Mumma Cath.

Cathy is one of the owners of Rockabella and is a TAFE lecturer in her spare time.
Cathy is the mum part of the team and has over 26 year’s experience in the industry, Cathy is so good at what she does that she’s passed her talent and wisdom down to her two daughters. Cathy will chat to you about her non-existent grandchildren and how she lives in a mad house with too many dogs.
Not only is Cathy a jet with nails she is also our eyelash extension specialist who can deliver a classic elegant look or a VA VA VOOM bombshell look!

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‘I’m adorable’ -Cath

Meet Sheridan,

Sheridan is one of the owners of Rockabella Beauty who is a TAFE lecturer by night.
Sheridan is the eldest of the two daughters but is still kept in line by the younger Chelsea; in fact everyone is kept in line by Chelsea! Clients also love hearing about Sheridan’s tragic attempts at dating and ability to fall over her own feet often.

Sheridan is known for her detailed and precise nail art work and love for creating Disney themed sets.

Her trade mark is her near on two inch long nails and ever colour changing hair.

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Meet Chelsea,

Chelsea is one of the owners of Rockabella Beauty who is a TAFE lecturer by night.
Chelsea will talk your ears off about anything puppy related and will make you laugh with her clumsy stories.

Chelsea is our eyebrow specialist who’s weapons of choice are wax, tint and henna, she loves finding the perfect shape eyebrow for your face and helping tame them into perfection. Chelsea is the youngest of our mother/daughters trio but keeps us all in check; Chelsea’s the organising girl and if you sit still too long she’ll organise you too!
Chelsea is meticulous and precise with her work and we describe her as an artist of the face but she can also do a mean set of polka dots on your nails too.

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Meet Shannon,

Shannon has been with the Rockabella team coming up to two year and is famous for her firm pedicure massages and gorgeous shellac manicures.
When Shannon isn’t with clients she is our tech wizard, from building our website to working the salon TVs (that of which the rest of us struggle greatly with) she’s our go-to girl.
You can usually pick out Shannon in the salon with ease, she will be the one wearing a colourful Care Bear hair-scarf from her collection, paired with complimenting bright makeup!


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Meet Ethel,

Ethel has been with Rockabella for three years now and is known for her bright smile and great tea making skills. Ethel is our Saturday angel that swoops in to save the day on our busiest times of the week; she keeps us organised and the salon running smoothly. When Ethel isn’t clearing the glitter explosions at Sheridan’s desk she’s doing her best to fit clients in for their desired appointments. Ethel has her plate full as when Ethel isn’t with us in the salon she is at University studying midwifery, smart little cookie!

Book in for a Saturday appointment for an Ethel-made cuppa.


Address: Unit 4 14 Hislop Road, Attadale

6156 Perth, Australia.

Horn: 0476 453 334 / 08 9317 8600


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