Everything Nails!

Not sure what product is best for you and your nails?
Below we have a list of the services that we provide to help keep your nails look fabulous.

We offer OPI regular nail polish in our buff, shape and polish service or the manicure services, this polish does take time to dry and you can take it off at home with your regular nail polish remover. If you're wanting something more durable and instantly dry so you can continue on with your busy day you might be better with our gel polish (shellac) we carry over 200 colours! Gel polish will give most of our clients 2 to 3 weeks of beautiful glossy (or matte if you'd prefer) nails before they come in for a fresh polish and colour change.

If you are wanting something a little more sturdier and extending onto the length of your natural nail then you will be looking at Gel extensions or acrylic. Both products give you beautiful nails at the length that you desire, gel is a more flexible product so if you're heavy on your hands or are wanting extremely long nails (Sheridan *cough cough) then we do recommend going for the acrylic.

If your are still unsure as to what would be best for you, you can swing us an e-mail at or have a chat with us on 0476 453 334.

  • Buff, File and Polish

  • Soak Off

  • Acrylic/Gel Sculptures

  • Acrylic Fullset

  • Acrylic Infill

  • Gel Extension Fullset

  • Gel Extension Infill

  • Fullset Colour Tips

  • Fullset Glitter Tips

  • Mini Manicure

  • Manicure

  • Deluxe Manicure

  • French Polish

  • Shellac Polish

  • Nail Art















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